1. The Weather…

Greece is famous for its sunshine and hot summer months but the weather is great for cycling most of the year.  April, May, June and September and October are the optimum months with lots of sunshine and temperatures averaging in the early 20’s.  The winter months are more prone to some rain but the showers don’t usually last long and with temperatures around 10 degree it is never too cold to ride.

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  1. The roads…

Greece has a population of 11 million with a third of those residing in the main cities of Athens and Thessalonika.  This leaves vast countryside and sparsely populated roads to explore. Greek Cycle Holidays base of Evia is no different; take away the main city of Chalkis and you are left with a population of 96,000 people spread over an area of 3684 km2. In other words, only 26 people for every km2 ! You will however encounter considerably more sheep and goats on your travels.

While the condition of the roads in the cities is not great,  the lesser used country roads are usually kept in good condition. This might seem strange but the more rural roads are repaired on a regular basis so the villages don’t get cut off during the winter. You will be able to enjoy the switchbacks, long climbs, fast downhill’s and coastal roads all year round.


  1. Filoxenia…

Hospitality is the official translation of the Greek word filoxenia, but it doesn’t describe it adequately. It literally means the ‘love for strangers’, a generosity of spirit, a joyful kind of the “best-of-what’s-mine-is-yours” attitude in which Greeks take pride in as a defining attribute.

Filoxenia is the reason why strangers walking by find themselves invited to a Greek family celebration. Filoxenia is the reason lost tourists acquire a volunteer tour guide or why a stranded cyclist maybe invited into a home for a hot cup of coffee, something to eat or just given some fruit freshly picked from the side of the road.

  1. Culture and History…

To visit Greece is to join a 5,000-year-old story. The boundaries between myth and history become blurred in this land.  ‘300’ is not just a movie; the Odyssey is not just a book. They are instead milestones on the course of human history and the development of civilization.

There are many archaeological sites on Evia that been found in Lefkanti, Vasiliko, Manika, Chalcis, Oreoi and Aliveri. Even though Evia was bombarded during the Second World War, many ruins, tombs and art have been preserved and restored. Many of these ruins, along with churches and monasteries, can be seen or visited while enjoying your cycling.

Evia, cycle holiday

Historical monument on Evia

  1. Nature and beauty…

Mountain forests, Alpine lakes, dramatic gorges, national parks, as well as an abundance of wildlife and flowers.

The great Greek outdoors invites you to discover it in every season. A tapestry of landscapes with an amazing array of scenery will unfold before your eyes: You’ll soon discover just how much variety such a small country can display and that cycling in such beauty makes those miles just a little bit easier


  1. Food and drink…

The Greek diet is the perfect example of Mediterranean eating. It’s based around a variety of colourful and flavorful foods that are high in nutrients and low in animal fats. Using  the freshest ingredients from land and sea to create an appetising and healthy diet, perfect for fuelling your days cycling.

For your coffee stops, Traditional café’s in remote villages offer local Greek sweets for those looking for a sugar boost. Alternatively traditional spinach and feta pasties can be found in the many bakeries around the island.

The village of Steni at the foot of Mount Dirfis is famous for it tavernas and bbq’s. Throughout the week you can see many spit roasts turning with a selection of chicken, pork, vegetables and even whole lambs. On Sundays especially, it’s an experience seeing the locals turn out in force for the family get together, while fishing villages such as GCH favorite, Porto Buffalo,  will provide you with the freshest just caught fish and seafood. It also worth mentioning the amazing chips cut and fried to order especially for you. All this washed down with local wine from one of Evia’s many wineries or even with one of the 7 beers brewed by local microbrewery, Septem.