Spring is here and the sun is shining again and it’s time to start thinking about camping season…

There really is nothing like sleeping under the stars and getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life, enjoying a beer by the fire, and of course cooking that all important campfire meal. ­There’s no denying cooking becomes a bit harder when you leave the comforts of your kitchen but that doesn’t mean it has to be tinned beans and hotdogs!

While we at GCH are far from bushcraft experts, we do a fair bit of camping in our free time and cooking over an open fire is our favorite part.

So here are our 5 tips to make a tasty and hassle free campfire dinner.

1- The fire

First and foremost, make sure it is safe and legal to light a fire, clear of bushes and low-lying branches. Gather some small rocks and lay them in a circle to create a safe fire pit. A portable BBQ is also a good option to use as a fire pit.

Don’t cook over the flame, but instead over the hot coals. Make sure your pit is big enough to drag some coals to the side so you can control the heat better and place a grill or pan over them.

2- Choose the right meals

Planning your meals is the key to success and you should think of a number of factors while choosing. For example do you have a table and chairs to eat with knife and fork or will you be eating by hand. Will you have a fridge at camp to store any perishable items, or would store cupboard meals like pasta be a better option?

3- Keep it simple

While it’s great to experiment its best not to try to do too much in one go. Try different techniques on different days throughout your trip. Have too many things on the go and you risk messing up the whole meal

4- Tinfoil

What equipment you take will depend on how much you can carry.  Cycle camping you will be able to carry much less than if you were going with your car, but regardless of what equipment you have, tinfoil is your best friend. It allows you to put things directly in your campfire without getting your food covered in ash.

You don’t need any sort of cooking pot either, as the aluminum foil packets can be placed directly in the fire pit, saving on washing up.

Plus, it can be folded into just about any shape. Fish, chicken and vegetables can all be placed inside an aluminum foil packet and cooked together without any hassle at all

5- Skewers

Who doesn’t love meat on a stick? Skewers are a perfect way to grill on an outdoor fire and you are not limited to meat! Try some cubes of fish and seafood, marinated vegetables or bread! Why not try a mix of all. Small skewers, long skewers, bamboo or metal. The skewers can easily be prepared at camp, or at home before you set off and are handy to eat with or without a table. Why not try a wrap with your favorite flatbread and spicy sauce, the options are endless!

If you would like to join us around the campfire then why not come along to our “The wild side of Greece” cycle camping tour this July

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