Its June 2019 when I was last had the pleasure of a “busmans” (not really, I just cycled, ate Steves fabulous food and drank the beer with the occasional business discussion with Steve and Boss man Rich who also happened to be there at the time)  holiday at GCH.  

The hot topic of conversation around the dining table then was the potential impact of Brexit on the business and the effect it might have on our little family business.  Since then any potential impact Brexit may or may not have had has been obliterated by Covid and from March 2020 when effectively all holidays stopped with immediate effect we have been fumbling around in the dark trying the make the best of a really shitty situation.

Since then over 2 years have passed, and despite some hesitation regarding the new Covid mandated travel impositions I have made it back to GCH for a long weekend.  The travel faff worry was unwarranted, a form or 2 and the now pretty familiar lateral flow test to get back into the UK, hardly made a dent to my travel time or stress levels. The airport was quiet  but the plane was full of mask wearers.

It was great to see Steve after 18 months at the airport and meet some returning guests who have visited GCH 3 times in the passed year.

From that point onwards, nothings really changed.  The island of Evia is still standing despite the fires in the summer and life seems pretty normal.  The cycling has got harder (or is that the result of my lockdown beer belly, certainly Steves looking leaner and meaner, so who knows) and the food is amazing as always.

A bit of a ramble i know, but the point is that I can sense a return to normality not that far off for GCH and the travel industry on the whole.  We have made it this far and intend to continue with our plans for expanding our weeks and developing our custom tour side of the business in 2022 so keep your eyes peeled.

All of us at GCH would like to thank those of you who have supported us this far and we hope to see you all again soon

Cheers, Pete