5 more of our favorite climbs to be enjoyed on a Greek Cycle Holiday!
If climbing is your thing then this is the place for you!

1. Agios Athanasios

Elevation Gain734m
Elevation Change730m
Average Grade8.6%
Maximum Grade15.9%

Another climb on Mount Dirfis, this time starting from the village of Agios Athanasios and finishing at the Agali refuge. Almost 9km long and over 8.5 % average gradient this is a tough climb which gets steeper towards the end reaching gradients of up to 16% in parts. This is also one of our most scenic climbs with panoramic views of the Evian gulf, the summit of Dirfis, and and chance to see the winding road and switchback that you have just rode up! As always in Evia expect to see almost no cars on this climb.  

And a nice little reminder that what goes up must come down….

This climb can easily be combined with climb 3 from our original 5 “Favorite climbs” blog in a twin ascent of Mount Dirfis. One for the masochists no doubt.

2. Ag. Merkourious

Elevation Gain356m
Maximum Elevation549m
Average Grade6.2%
Maximum grade9.3%

One of the easiest climbs in our lists making it one for everyone to try. This one is on the mainland and takes you through the forests of the Tatoi National park. A steady and almost constant gradient of 6 % makes this a favorite training climb of Local race teams and also hosts a yearly hill climb race.

3. Agios

Elevation Gain485m
Maximum Elevation584m
Average Grade5.2%
Maximum Grade19.4%

A 10 km climb, this time on the main road, so a little busier than our other climbs. However a crawler lane, brand new tarmac, pine forests and a steady gradient of around 6 % makes this a thoroughly enjoyable climb and worthy of the list.

3. Monastery St Nikolas

Elevation Gain335m
Maximum Elevation412m
Average Grade7.1%
Maximum Grade25.8%

The Shortest climb on our list, but as you will see by the amount of red on the 3D profile, its one of the steepest and a real lung buster. Panoramic views of the Evian gulf and central Evia help alleviate some of the pain!

5. St. Jeremy

Elevation Gain920m
Maximum Elevation960m
Average Grade6.1%
Maximum Grade25.4%

One of the longest Climbs on the island taking you from sea level to just under 1km high. A constantly changing gradient with a few sharp kicks at around 20 %, as well as some recovery spots, keeps things interesting. Without wishing to sound boring, the almost empty roads, pine forest surroundings and amazing views are on offer for the full 16km.

Test yourself on these and many more climbs by booking an all inclusive holiday or one of our winter training camps.