How to BBQ like a Greek ! 

Get a huge BBQ ! Greeks don’t do small barbies but custom built ones with a spit roast system capable of 2 whole suckling pigs or lambs turning at a time! And don’t forget the charcoal. Lots of it.

  • Step 2

Get the best meat from a local butcher. Milk fed lamb,  chicken and pork kebabs and rustic spicy sausages are all amazing. Marinating the meat with lemon, mustard and oregano will not only make it taste delicious but so tender and juicy!

  • Step 3

Use Fresh , seasonal organic vegetables , preferably from your own garden. In Greece fruit and veg is only ever eaten in season and often Greek homes will have their own little veg gardens as well as herbs such as rosemary and oregano.

  • Step 4

Invite as many people as you can and cook for far more people than necessary,  expect people to turn up uninvited! There is a reason why the Bbq is so big !

  • Step 5

Beer and wine !!! Save the ouzo for the seaside afternoon lunch and bring out ice cold beer in frozen glasses and chilled white wine.  Its hot work! If steps 4 and 5 combine then expect to dance!

Failing that Book an all inclusive Greek Cycle Holiday and you can get all of the above done for you and more !

Oh…and don’t forget the feta !!!