The origins of GCH…

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We recently met up with friend of GCH Steve Dyster from online cycling magazine Seven Day Cyclist to talk about how Greek Cycle Holidays came to be….. We all know that there’s much more to cycling than riding a bike, but what do you do when you no longer need a villa on a beautiful […]

Athens – The Worlds ancient capital

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Just a short trip from Eretria, Athens is an ideal place to visit while you take a day off your bike. Here we let Lillian, team GCH member and your unofficial guide, explain a typical day’s tour….. Hi, my name is Lillian and I welcome you to a beautiful day’s walk in Athens/Greece I’ve been […]

GCH Recipes #1 in an occasional series

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“YOU SHOULD WRITE A COOK BOOK “ A quote that I hear many times from our guests, and while there are no immediate plans to write one, I have decided to share some recipes with you in a (semi) regular feature . So here is the first one, a simple but tasty and nutritious soup […]

How to BBQ like a Greek

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How to BBQ like a Greek !  Get a huge BBQ ! Greeks don’t do small barbies but custom built ones with a spit roast system capable of 2 whole suckling pigs or lambs turning at a time! And don’t forget the charcoal. Lots of it. Step 2 Get the best meat from a local […]

5 GCH Climbs

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Most cyclists are masochists and love a good lung busting climb. Here at GCH we are no different. While we may not have the climbs made famous by grand tours or sought after Strava segments we do have some seriously testing and spectacular climbs for you to enjoy. So here are our 5 local favourites: […]

Elite Cycling Team coming to Evia.

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We are very excited to announce that elite cycling team, Cycling Sheffield Giant have chosen to come to Evia for a weeks training camp in September so we thought we’d let team manager and Directeur Sportif, Dave Coulson, introduce you to the team…. “CYCLING SHEFFIELD GIANT is one of the most successful cycling teams in the U.K. This […]

Phew, Its a scorcher!

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It’s going to be a hot one!!! With summer fast approaching and temperature rising well into the 30’s you might think that cycling stops here in Greece in favor of the beach or more leisurely past times. In fact the roads in Greece actually get busier with cyclists over the summer months, and while it […]

5 Reasons to choose Greek Cycle Holidays

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If you are a cyclist looking for a holiday, or a cycling club leader looking somewhere different to have a training camp, then look no further. Drop us an email or book online, and I promise you won’t regret It! Read on to find out why… 1. AWESOME CYCLING SOMEWHERE NEW It goes without saying […]

A Ladies view

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In a throwback to September last year, we recently received this lovely write up about our guests visit to GCH.  Great to have a ladies perspective of our the Island… ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’. As far as the ‘what you know’ is concerned, to come down a hill, first of […]

Training for a sportive? – Here’s a guide to getting started

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We recently spoke to friend of GCH and Team Principle/Head coach of GCH sponsored Manilla Cycling, Adam Brooks,  about preparation for the up coming season. Here’s what he had to say about getting your training off to a good start…. “When signing up to take part in a cycling event like a sportive or considering […]