Spring is in the air… lets ride!

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Kalimera as the locals say, And a good morning it is, it’s the first of March, officially spring and the Greek weather is once again keeping its end of the bargain; beautiful blue skies, bright sunshine and a pleasant 21 degrees. What does any self respecting cyclist do on a day like this? That’s right, […]

Greece Crisis?…What Crisis?

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When the Greece Crisis and political turmoil in Athens was plastered all over the news, I kept getting asked if Greece was “safe” for holiday makers — a question that feels absurd to those of us who live here. The beauty of the country has not been affected by the economic crisis. The landscape is just […]

A Long Day! Brevet Orxomenos 300km

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Its fair to say I was nervous, I usually do get a few butterflies before a big ride but this time more so, I think it was mainly down to the change of routine, I was out of my comfort zone, for every ride I’ve done the routine is the same, early to bed, wake […]