The Villa

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A long awaited return…

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Its June 2019 when I was last had the pleasure of a “busmans” (not really, I just cycled, ate Steves fabulous food and drank the beer with the occasional business discussion with Steve and Boss man Rich who also happened to be there at the time)  holiday at GCH.   The hot topic of conversation around […]

A GCH Guide to Campfire Cooking

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Spring is here and the sun is shining again and it’s time to start thinking about camping season… There really is nothing like sleeping under the stars and getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life, enjoying a beer by the fire, and of course cooking that all important campfire meal. ­There’s no denying cooking […]

COVID-19 Update – 7/5/2020

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First of all we hope you are all safe and keeping as well as possible under the circumstances. We would also like to give a heartfelt thanks to you all for your continued support and understanding, it has given us the motivation to keep going and plan ahead to welcome you all as and when […]

Trapped – a COVID-19 Story

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 A tongue in cheek story of coping in “isolation” on a Greek island, based on real life events….. As I lay there looking up at the stars in the night’s sky, contemplating the situation, the same thoughts going through my mind over and over like a stuck record I am legend… I am a survivor… […]

An update from us – 25/3/2020

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We are all coming to terms with a prolonged period of staying at home to curtail the spread of this virus and help keep everyone safe. Id like to think we are all doing what we can to ensure that once the pandemic is under control, the things we had before will remain, both economically […]

GCH – Business as usual

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Greek Cycle Holidays – Business as usual… The political, social and medical impact of the Corona Virus continues to dominate the news and, rightly so, the thoughts of most of us.  Here at GCH we are not experts in any of those things and we will continue to be guided by the local policies and […]

GCH Recipes 2 – Chocolate Mousse

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Who doesn’t like a good pudding after dinner, and who doesn’t like chocolate mousse!! This is one of our most popular desserts and is a main stay on the menus; making use of the oranges growing in the GCH garden. Of course other seasonal fruit can be substituted depending on the time of year, such […]

Our Food

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Many of our guests are genuinely surprised at the quality of food they get despite the fact that I have been cooking in some of London and Athens top kitchens for over 20 years…. ….They tell us we need to advertise our food more but we have found it difficult as every company say they […]

Its a weight off my mind…

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In a break from our usual style of blog, GCH’s Peter gives an insight into his current mood… As I sit here now, I’m feeling pretty good about myself.  GCH is slap bang in the middle of a solidly booked 6 weeks towards the end of the season and 2020 is filling up nicely with […]