We all know most of us cyclists like to pose a bit, show off our new gear, our amazing (or not so) physique in skin tight lycra, or proof of the great scenery of your days ride. With mobile cameras getting better and better, the age of the selfie is well and truly upon us, and cyclists are no exception, so get out your cameras, your selfie sticks or your go pros and show us what you’ve got.
The prize for the best and most creative selfie is a week’s all inclusive holiday for 4 people with Greek Cycle Holidays.
Upon arriving at Athens airport you will be picked up and 1 hour later after a short drive and a quick hop over on the ferry, you will arrive at the villa. Once you get settled in we can sit down and discuss the weeks riding ahead and of course your food for the week.
Maybe you would like honey and mustard pork chops with feta and oregano butter? How does locally caught fish marinated in ginger and soy cooked over charcoal sound. Prefer something more Greek perhaps? Like slow cooked lamb in the wood oven and lemon potatoes and a refreshing Greek salad!

pork chop
Should you choose to do some serious riding and climbing you are going to need plenty of carbs to make sure you have enough energy to get to the top, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the views. The home made granola bars will give you that little bit of a push you need!
For those of you seeking more a leisurely holiday then why not cycle to the beach for a dip and top up your tan, or visit some of the local wineries, don’t “taste” too much though, you need to cycle home!!
Once out on the roads you are definitely going to want to bring your camera with you so you can show your friends back home just what a great holiday you are having.
Of course the lucky ones who get chosen to come with you will be able to enjoy all this, as well as drinking champagne in the hot tub, or pulling themselves an ice cold beer from the bar.
So get snapping and visit our Facebook page, post your best and you could be the one. (Remember to like our page though, or unfortunately your selfie wont count!)
For the rest of you who don’t win, don’t worry you don’t have to miss out, you can always visit our site book your very own cycle holiday with us!