Hi, my name is Steven, I am a Yorkshireman, a cyclist, a professional chef and I will be your host during your Greek Cycle holiday. Together with the cycling, great cooking is a major part of making your Greek Cycling holiday one to remember.

Your chef and host - Steven frost

I have lived in Greece for over 15 years, moving from the UK after meeting my Greek wife in London. We moved here to raise our family and I am now fully immersed in the Greek way of life. I am now proud to call Greece my home.

I have worked as a chef for over 20 years in some of the top hotels in London and Athens, I have been awarded a Michelin star and various other culinary awards over my career.  The food I like to cook is heavily influenced by my Mediterranean experiences, with my Italian heritage and obviously from living in Greece.

My love affair with cycling started about 2 years ago, commuting to work as a way to lose a bit of weight, I was soon hooked and my 20 km a day commute turned into longer 50 km rides, then 100km.  My passion for cycling keeps on growing and so do the distances, as I recently completed my first Brevet of over 300km.

It is these two passions of mine that I would like to share with you, great cycling and of course great cuisine. My time, enthusiasm and cooking skills are now dedicated to making every aspect of your Greek Cycle Holiday unforgettable.

You will be served food of the highest quality, using fresh local and homegrown ingredients based on a personally customized menu that we will decide together taking into account any dietary needs or just personal preferences.  It could be sampling the local Greek cuisine, or something more homely, but rest assured that the food will be as memorable as the cycling. I look forward to serving you my food.

Please feel free to contact us to talk all things food, cycling and Greece

Great cuisine at Greek Cycle Holidays

Great cuisine at Greek Cycle Holidays

  • Great cuisine at Greek Cycle Holidays
  • Great cuisine at Greek Cycle Holidays
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