Evia (also known as Euboea) is the second largest island in Greece in terms of size and population and is connected to mainland by 2 bridges and 3 short ferry connections. Athens, the Greek capital is only an hours drive away. With rugged barren mountains, lush alpine forests, 900km of winding coastline with wonderful beaches, a pleasant climate, renowned monuments and traditional Greek villages there is a lot to enjoy about Evia.  With a small population of approx 200,000 it is not hard to escape the crowds!

Evia Weather Summary

Whether you are a serious cyclist wanting some strenuous training in the mountains (the island tops out at 1743m), or prefer to do some more leisurely riding and taking in the numerous sights and attractions Evia has to offer, then this is a holiday for you.

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Eretria is one of Greece’s most ancient towns, with evidence of human activity as early as the Neolithic period (3500-3000 BC) found on the Acropolis as well as in the surrounding areas. Now a modern seaside resort with all the attractions you would expect, nice beaches, bars , restaurants and tavernas it is popular with Athenians looking for an escape from city life.

When in Eretria you can visit the Temple of Apollo Daphniforos, the ancient theatre of Eretria, the temple of Isis at Eretria, the House with the mosaics, the Macedonian tomb of Erotes and Tholos.

It is a port city with a direct connection by ferry to mainland to Oropos port near Athens operating all year round. Surrounded by hills, the mountain of Olympus of Evia, and endless olive-groves it is the ideal destination for a vacation.

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