Greek Cycle Holidays – Business as usual…

The political, social and medical impact of the Corona Virus continues to dominate the news and, rightly so, the thoughts of most of us.  Here at GCH we are not experts in any of those things and we will continue to be guided by the local policies and actions of our governments. We do like to think we are experts in providing fabulous value cycling holidays and as such we will continue to concentrate our efforts on that.

To reassure you, if you are thinking of, or have booked a holiday with us, we will continue to operate as normal until we are told not to or until restrictions mean our guests can’t get here.  We have no plans to cancel any of our holidays off our own back.

We are all ready for the season ahead; we have our menus and itineraries planned, we have a lot of bookings and have no reason to expect any local issues with our holidays.

We understand that things may be taken out of our and your hands and should you need to cancel then we will abide by our terms and conditions which have been in place since our inception 5 years ago. To summarise:

  • If we cancel you will be fully refunded
  • In the event that you have to cancel, our deposits are non refundable, however we will offer you the opportunity to transfer the deposit towards a future booking taken within 12 months
  • We will adhere to the staggered refund scheme outlined in the terms and conditions depending on the proximity of when you cancel to your arrival date
  • It is a stipulation of your booking that you have independent travel insurance to cover cycling activities – In the event that you have to cancel your holiday for any reason your insurance should be able to reimburse you for losses.

Greek Cycle Holidays is a small scale operation operating out of our own private villa with a maximum intake on our social weeks of 8 people.  Evia is a sparsely populated large island. We will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of our guests but Evia and Greek Cycle Holidays is as good a place to be as anywhere.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to talk to us – but we are very much looking forward to seeing you at GCH soon.!