Bryan Steel Cycling

Bryan Steel Cycling has been working since 2013 to develop a range of services, packages and programs to support people in cycling not only as a sport but as a lifestyle where they can engage, develop and advance so they are able to achieve their cycling goals in a fun, friendly, safe, social and exciting atmosphere.

With Bryan Steel Cycling we aim to engage, develop and enable individuals to achieve in the sport so they are able to gain from all the brilliant benefits of this amazing sport. Through Bryan Steel Cycling we will break down the stereotypes of how cycling is sometimes perceived just as Mamils (Middle Aged Men In Lycra) trying to go fast and not looking like they are enjoying themselves.Bryan Steel Cycling will accompany you through your whole journey in the world of cycling by helping you take the first steps into the sport and ensure you find how fun, social, and rewarding an experience cycling can be.

If you are looking for a performance coach to take your cycling to the next level then Bryan is your man.  Bryan will be running week long training camps @ GCH in 2019.

Sleek Clean Care

SLEEK manufactures a range of high-performance, eco-friendly bike cleaning products that are as kind to the planet as they are tough on dirt. We use our own pioneering chemistry; ECOPOWER™ technology to create powerful and safe formulations that enhance the finish of your bike whilst you clean. As a business, SLEEK are committed to reducing their environmental impact and use bottles created from 100% post consumer recycled plastic and also use refill solutions that reduce plastic consumption by 80%. 

Sleek bike cleaning products will be available for you to clean your bike at the GCH villa. Visit their website here

Lykos Winery

Lykos Winery was founded in 1991 by Apostolos Lykos and is located in 2KM form the GCH Villa. The idea of its creation came as a sequence of the family`s restaurant which produced its own wine to serve its customers. The restaurant is still running next to the Winery and both coexist for wine tourists. Lykos family is second generation winemakers, who give respect to winemaking tradition while complimenting these traditions with the utilization of cutting edge technology.

The winery tour of the underground cellars with oak barrels and the tasting room is a unique experience combined with the tasteful suggestions of the homonymous family`s restaurant. The winery is open for visitors all year around and welcomes private oenotourists and organized groups. At the premises there are available for buying all the winery`s wines as well as traditional local products. Also, wine seminars, business presentations and other events can be supported. Its location, so close to Athens and its offerings makes it a wine destination on its own.

A visit to our winery in Malakonta, which overlooks the main road of wines of Evia is the ideal trip to the countryside which can be combined with its archaeological sites and diamond tastes!

A selection of Lykos wines are available in our help your self bar.

Cycle Box Hire Online

Cycle Box Hire a national bike box hire business who love to ride.  Run by a network of cycling enthusiasts, we pride ourselves on offering a bike box hire and rental service that is second to none in simplicity, value and customer service.  After succesfully setting up a network of local bike boz hire micro-sites across the Southwest and Durham Teesvalley we have formed the Cycle Box Hire group to act as a centralised business website that will move our brand of bike box hire service into national expansions”

Like us at GCH they believe you will enjoy your holiday more riding your own bike. An exclusive discount is available for all GCH customers.

Red Venom

Red Venom supply a full range of high quality compression clothing for all activities.  

The key benefits of their compression range are…

  • During exercise ,muscle oscillation is reduced which in turn reduces muscle fatigue which results in increased muscular performance.
  • Post exercise the athlete will experience reduced swelling & muscle soreness which does aid recovery through increasing the blood flow whilst increasing the rate of lactate removal from the muscles.
  • Reduces risk of injury.

All GCH guests will receive a 20% discount to be used at the red Venom online shop


Loopie was set up by Paul, a  keen cyclist and professional Graphic Designer…  

“It all started when I was searching for an interesting way to capture the story of my effort following a particularly tough ride. I wondered if there was a way to use GPS data to do this. Loopie was born and the journey began.

Every Loopie I have made from that point tells a different and unique story. Now you can start telling your own stories with the Loopie Creator. I hope you have as much fun creating art from your rides as I do. Chapeau!”

A fantastic and unique way to commemorate your Greek Cycle Holiday with a stylish work of art, keep you eyes peeled for exclusive discounts and formats for all GCH guests.

MasterBike Bike Shop

MASTERBIKE is a complete shop that sells and fixes bikes ,situated close to GCH HQ in Chalkida and founded by a very experienced bike technician and awarded cycling athlete, John Kiosses. Equipped with the top global brands he offers products and services of high quality at competitive prices.

At MASTERIKE you can also have your bike fixed and maintained immediately and right away with all of the latest accessories and spare parts. He will be able to solve and handle any technical problem with safety and complete professionalism. 

Whilst we hope you do not need MasterBikes services during your time at GCH, you can rest assured that John will be on hand to help should you do.  We look forward to working with John and his colleagues in 2019!