Bryan Steel Cycling

Bryan Steel Cycling has been working since 2013 to develop a range of services, packages and programs to support people in cycling not only as a sport but as a lifestyle where they can engage, develop and advance so they are able to achieve their cycling goals in a fun, friendly, safe, social and exciting atmosphere.

With Bryan Steel Cycling we aim to engage, develop and enable individuals to achieve in the sport so they are able to gain from all the brilliant benefits of this amazing sport. Through Bryan Steel Cycling we will break down the stereotypes of how cycling is sometimes perceived just as Mamils (Middle Aged Men In Lycra) trying to go fast and not looking like they are enjoying themselves.Bryan Steel Cycling will accompany you through your whole journey in the world of cycling by helping you take the first steps into the sport and ensure you find how fun, social, and rewarding an experience cycling can be.

If you are looking for a performance coach to take your cycling to the next level then Bryan is your man.  Bryan will be running week long training camps @ GCH in 2019.

Lykos Winery

Lykos Winery was founded in 1991 by Apostolos Lykos and is located in 2KM form the GCH Villa. The idea of its creation came as a sequence of the family`s restaurant which produced its own wine to serve its customers. The restaurant is still running next to the Winery and both coexist for wine tourists. Lykos family is second generation winemakers, who give respect to winemaking tradition while complimenting these traditions with the utilization of cutting edge technology.

The winery tour of the underground cellars with oak barrels and the tasting room is a unique experience combined with the tasteful suggestions of the homonymous family`s restaurant. The winery is open for visitors all year around and welcomes private oenotourists and organized groups. At the premises there are available for buying all the winery`s wines as well as traditional local products. Also, wine seminars, business presentations and other events can be supported. Its location, so close to Athens and its offerings makes it a wine destination on its own.

A visit to our winery in Malakonta, which overlooks the main road of wines of Evia is the ideal trip to the countryside which can be combined with its archaeological sites and diamond tastes!

A selection of Lykos wines are available in our help your self bar.

Chia Charge

Chia Charge continue to support us for the second consecutive year by supplying  their delicious flapjack energy bars keeping you well fuelled whilst out on the rides.

Unsurprisingly Chia Charge energy products embrace the power of Chia seeds into tasty energy products designed to fuel your activities.

The founder of Chia Charge, Tim Taylor, believes being active is a positive lifestyle choice and you should be rewarded with good stuff to eat that makes you smile, not grimace.

His duel passion for food and exercise are well suited. Last year he completed 12 marathons and although he expects the demands of Chia Charge will mean he is able to enter fewer events in total, he is hoping to go for longer.  It is rumoured he has also been seen out on a bike!

He believes that food – in particular sports nutrition – should be more than just fuel to keep the body going. Having tried a few sport nutrition and energy products he came to the conclusion that whoever makes these things was at the back of the queue when taste buds were handed out! Sitting down to a delicious meal is easy enough, so why shouldn’t sports food be delicious too?

With Tim’s Chef and NPD food technology background he was well positioned to do something about it.  He started developing formulations in his kitchen at home to create food that tastes delicious and helps you perform, the result of which was Chia Charge.  We at GCH look forward to you trying the Chia Charge  products whilst visiting us

Cycle Box Hire Online

Cycle Box Hire a national bike box hire business who love to ride.  Run by a network of cycling enthusiasts, we pride ourselves on offering a bike box hire and rental service that is second to none in simplicity, value and customer service.  After succesfully setting up a network of local bike boz hire micro-sites across the Southwest and Durham Teesvalley we have formed the Cycle Box Hire group to act as a centralised business website that will move our brand of bike box hire service into national expansions”

Like us at GCH they believe you will enjoy your holiday more riding your own bike. An exclusive discount is available for all GCH customers.

There is nothing quite like taking your own bike!

Bio Figs Evia

Bio Figs Evia are young producers of next generation organic dried figs on the island of Evia with over 100 acres of land with 2,500 organic fig roots.

Using the figs also to produce a variety of high quality produce such as organic energy bars

As well as the bio figs the company also owns the XRYSSI AMMOS (GOLDEN SAND ) Beach bar and restaurant in Agios Dimitrios ,Evia

Find them on Facebook;  @xrusiammos

Seven Day Cyclist

Seven Day Cyclist is a website for those who love to ride but don’t necessarily want to achieve a new personal best every time the bike comes out of the shed. Perhaps you’re a lifelong enthusiast with an eclectic fleet, a returnee keen on tackling sportives, taking the family out to share the joy of the open road or have just discovered the joy of two wheels.

Whatever your experience or ability we’re here with a mix of features, products/bike tests, news, rides and grass roots events to captivate and inspire.

Seven Day Cyclist is a for people who enjoy riding bicycles of all sorts for all reasons, but would probably put the fact that it is fun pretty high up the list. It aims to be grassroots and to take cycling for all seriously, but not too seriously. It looks at cycling from the perspective of the participant, be they riding a challenging audax, a long tour, having a weekend camping trip with the kids, visiting a castle or going to the beach, sitting in the café or riding home from work.

Inclusivity and openness are its watchwords, cycling the message and intelligent writing and good-humour the tone.