A tongue in cheek story of coping in “isolation” on a Greek island, based on real life events…..

As I lay there looking up at the stars in the night’s sky, contemplating the situation, the same thoughts going through my mind over and over like a stuck record

I am legend… I am a survivor… I AM TRAPPED

(1 week earlier)

The familiar sound of my phone beeping  to tell me I have a message . An unknown number, with a UK code Hmmm, strange I thought!

Turns out it was a couple of cycle tourists, they were on Evia and as the forecast was for rain they wanted a place to shelter for a couple of days… sure, why not I replied. By this time the schools had been closed due to the Virus . I had my teenage son was with me and I was already hosting Sara, a Workaway from the UK, on her own cycle trip around the world raising awareness for mental health. I had a few weeks before the season was due to start (or so I thought) so the company and help getting the place ready was welcome! The next day Ben and Rose arrived. So there we were, thrown together,  a rag tag bunch of 5; a bipolar, a teenager, a couple of tree hugging vegan anarchists and a mad chef going through a midlife crisis, about to get trapped, what could possibly go wrong??

As it turns out – not a lot!

By now news was building about the effects of the virus around the world and Sara, being high risk, had already made the decision to cut her cycling trip short, and fly home after a couple of weeks or so and Ben and Rose still content to press ahead once the weather lifts .

News was filtering through more and more about the need to stay home. This was starting to feel serious, but at the same time pretty exciting, I mean who hasn’t dreamed about being the survivor of a zombie apocalypse! After Sara showed off her cooking skills with a slightly weird but tasty pasta/soup effort, tonight would be movie night!!! 28 days later, I am legend, Contagion, Shaun of the dead, World war Z, The Omega man, and Zombieland. So many to choose from. We settled for 28 days later, and then got drunk! The next couple of nights would follow a similar pattern, zombie film, getting drunk and even an epic karaoke session on Rose and Bens last night! The highlight being Sara and mine’s duet of shallow, the low light being Ben’s version of Eminem’s Lose Yourself. In our drunken states we all agreed that capitalism sucks, and anarchy is the way forward or at the very least, Van life!

The next morning a bit worse for ware, Ben and Rose bid their goodbyes to Sara and Phillip and we head off. I decided that I would join them on this leg, camping with them overnight, then we would split up and I would head back. So off we went, 3 of us, headed into the great unknown.

We arrived at Petali beach 6 hours later.. Hot sweaty and exhausted but to be greeted by the sight of one of the most beautiful beaches on the island! It wasn’t long before we stripped off for a quick dip in the sea followed by a few beers in the sun…. life was good, self-isolating like a boss!

After a few hours of drinking, and discussing our zombie apocalypse strategy it was time for dinner!! Open fire and a feast of spicy spaghetti ail olio, aubergine and sweet potatoes baked on the coals, washed down with a couple more beers.  As we sat there coming to terms with a dwindling supply of beer, news was starting to filter through on Facebook that borders were closing and movement was being restricted. This was now real, it was happening. Could it be the end of the world as we know it.

It was now 3 in the morning, as I lay there in my sleeping bag next to the fire , the left side of me frozen like an ice cube, the right side melting like candle wax , listening to the sounds of nature, waves lapping close by, Ben farting even closer by.

The same thoughts going through my mind over and over like a stuck record, this is it, stuck on a beach with no food, no beer, channeling my inner Bear Grylls . Just us against the world and this invisible threat,

I am legend… I am a survivor… I AM TRAPPED